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From: Scott Kennedy [mailto:ds.kennedy@me.com]

Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2010 9:39 AM

To: Heather Palmateer

Subject: Clarification on parking along the shoulder of the roadway on the streets located within The Shores community

Please pass this on to all of the Officers.

I was contacted by a representative from The Shores community who requested that I pass along the below information (especially to the Officers that work the Off Duty Details there).

Individuals that possess a “Visitors Pass” for The Shores are permitted by the Association to park their vehicles along the shoulder of any roadway within the community.

Although on public roadways, vehicles are not permitted to park along the roadway (unless it is specifically marked for parking), the streets within The Shores are considered to be privately owned and maintained.

Please be aware of this and act accordingly.

Additionally, Officers that work the Off Duty Details for The Shores are being requested to pay close attention to the Park/Playground area located on SE 10 St.  Recently, there has been several incidents  of Vandalism/Grafitti to the playground equipment.

Thanks for doing a great job, and stay safe.


                Scott Kennedy